Welcome to the Twilight Tavern

Event Time

Every Wednesday at 6pm EST!


Shirogane Ward 24, Plot 1

RP Types

Tavern, Slice of Life, Performance, Merc- Work

Our Goals

Mission Statement

The Twilight Tavern seeks to provide a social experience for the server, and datacenter at large. We have a lot of fun in our FC, and, want to share the fun with others by offering everyone a platform to get a reliable scene in every now and again. While the company itself deals with the eldritch- hunting monsters both scary and fierce, those within are still people, and have every day lives. Come be a part of our story! Share your own with us!

What We Do

The Twilight Tavern is a place to congregate and enjoy a moment of respite. From tea, to booze. From food to dessert. We even have guest rooms should you drink too much and need a place to stay! Every other week, we will be opening the doors and hosting an open bar for people to hang out at, and have fun. Should you wish to come by and perform, give a poke to any of the workers, and they will point you towards an officer to get something set up!

Disclaimer: All prices are RP- Only. No in-game trading is required to partake. Any and all tips are appreciated and will be used to pay for renovations, events, and future housing costs.

No ERP will be supported. We cannot stop what you do in tells, but please be respectful of the public venue. No nudity. No sending lewd messages to the staff. If you do, you will be asked to leave. If you refuse, you will be reported to GMs.


Desserts . . .

Rolanberry Cheesecake - 50gil per slice

Sponge Cake with Coffe and Whiskey Sauce - 50gil per slice

Moogle Mochi Poms - 20 gil per Pom
. . . . . . .
Red Bean

Nevermelt Icecream - 30 gil per scoop
. . . . . . .
Seasalt Caramel